How are electric linear actuators applied to electric recliner sofas?

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Electric recliner sofa refers to the use of information technology, microelectronics technology, sensor technology, mechanical technology, intelligent control, etc. on the basis of traditional sofa design, combined with electronic intelligence and mechanical intelligence, combining excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship to achieve a variety of Specific functions, and at the same time organically combined with other subsystems related to indoor home furnishing, finally realize the humanization, comfort and health of home life.

The electric recliner sofa has an adjustable function of height and inclination, and the realization of this function of the electric massage chair is mainly through the electric linear actuator.

Electric linear actuator is mainly composed of motor, limit switches, lead screw, gears set and stroke rod. The electric linear actuator is an electric drive device that converts the rotary motion of an electric motor into the linear reciprocating motion of a push rod. The electric linear actuator can realize lifting, tilting and overturning functions according to different combinations of matching motors, screws, control devices and travel switches. Electric linear actuator has the advantages of small size, high safety, high precision, good self-locking performance, strong thrust, and convenient operation. Therefore, electric linear actuator is very suitable for smart sofa and is ideal driving motor for smart sofa.

The application of the electric linear actuator in the electric recliner sofa can give full play to the comfort performance of the sofa. The smart sofa can complete the corresponding work through the electric linear actuator and the motor. When lying down and resting, the body is stretched. From head to toe, the bearing force of each part acts evenly on the body of the resting person. It can effectively massage the tired body, promote blood circulation, benefit health, and continuously increase comfort. The intelligent sofa mechanical stretching device can provide a suitable angle for people to relax. Therefore, the electric linear actuator can be widely used in smart sofas.

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