About Us

We specialize in the development, production and sales of electric linear actuators, manual controller of electric cylinders, and linear actuator wireless remote control switches. They are widely used in household, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

We have many advantages, such as competitive prices, on-time delivery, quick response to inquiries, good communication and small order taking, retail and wholesale are popular.

We do not tolerate product defects and every product undergoes professional quality testing before it is sold.

We can design, improve or produce customized products according to your individual needs. In order to achieve a variety of perfect control of linear actuators, we have a variety of control systems, including wireless remote control, wired manual control and WiFi control. Our full range of power adapters, multiple types of brackets, and various control accessories provide you with more assembly and installation options to work with our linear actuators. If you want to know more about us or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.