Electric Linear Actuator DIY Project-Chicken Coop Automatic Door

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Keeping backyard chickens is a rewarding and increasingly popular hobby. However, one of the challenges of poultry farming is the daily task of opening and closing the chicken coop door. In this DIY project, we will use an electric linear actuator to build an automated door opener for your chicken coop. This opener is cleverly designed and easy to operate, making it an excellent companion for chicken coop managers.

First, we need an electric linear actuator, a mounting bracket for the electric linear actuator, a metal door that fits the size of the chicken coop, and a controller (such as remote switch) to control the movement of the linear actuator.

chicken coop automatic door

The choice of electric linear actuator should be based on your needs and the size of the chicken coop. To ensure that the opener has enough force to open and close the door, you will need an actuator that has a substantial amount of force.

The installation process is quite straightforward. First, install the electric linear actuator in a suitable location inside the chicken coop. Then, connect the electric linear actuator to the metal door so that when the actuator is activated, it can push the door open or pull the door closed. Finally, set up the connection between the controller and the actuator, and complete the circuit connection.

DIY chicken coop automatic door

With some creativity, you can even set up a timer to have the chicken coop door open and close automatically according to your schedule. For example, you can set the door to open automatically in the early morning, allowing the chickens to come and go freely; in the evening, the door automatically closes to ensure the safety of the chickens.

This project not only can lighten your workload but also bring more efficiency and convenience to your farm. With the use of an electric linear actuator, let's make our lives smarter and more comfortable. Let's get started and DIY your chicken coop automatic door opener!

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