How are Electric Linear Actuators Used in Medical Applications?

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What is an Electric Linear Actuator?
Electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an motor into linear motion. They are used for all types of applications where tilting, lifting, pulling or pushing with force is needed.

Electric linear actuators are widely used for the medical industry as they ensure low-maintenance and quieter operation.

In every hospital, many special rooms are equipped with advanced machinery for diagnosis and improving patients’ health. Most of these advanced systems or machinery contains actuators inside that help improve patient care facilities, enhance the work efficiency of the medical field, alongside reduces the stress level of medical surgeon across the globe. From linear actuators for nursing home beds to hospital bed electric linear actuators, they found in a variety of applications.

4 Best Industry Applications Powered by Medical Actuators

Hospital Rooms: There are special patient rooms in every hospital where people with critical needs are cared for. These rooms use beds with medical actuators that help in raising and lowering the bed when the patient needs it. Also, they help to reposition the bed at different angles for sitting or sleeping positions. Electric linear actuators are the most widely used for this type of medical application for its precision and flexibility.

Diagnosis Areas: Diagnosis Areas As the name suggests, this area is specially designed for diagnosis and feature equipment like CT scanners, MRI machines, PT scanning instruments, and many more. All of these advanced imaging systems require the highest motion precision. Any wrong or inaccurate data can cause blurring or artifacts making interpretation difficult. Moreover, it may require repeating the entire procedure – consuming resources while exposing the patient to an extra dose of radiation. Thus, these equipment are equipped with linear actuators that ease their movement in a particular way.

Surgical Robots: Surgical Robots considered to be the drivers of various industries, and the medical industry is no exception. Earlier, medical robots have been used for several purposes, and now they are talks of minimizing a surgeon in the operating room with a patient. Electric actuators in robotic surgery enable motions to be accurately controlled in a field wherein precision is a maxim. During surgeries, the robot, guided by through a control panel, matches the skills of his hands through motions, dampening any tremor.

Surgical Areas: Surgical Areas are important areas in any hospital. The operation theaters feature many ergonomically designed equipment including surgery tables, laser positioning equipment, and so on. These equipment are designed to give maximum comfort to the surgeon and his team, as well as the patient. Linear actuators play a key role in ensuring the ergonomic advantage of this equipment.

Electric linear actuators can also be applied to the control of medical electric prostheses, making the use of prostheses more convenient. 

Here is the link of the electric linear actuators:

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