How is the DC 12V or 24V electric linear actuators applied in the electric nursing bed?

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The electric nursing bed is a more advanced nursing bed product at present. It can automatically complete many nursing tasks through a remote control, which greatly reduces the burden of nursing. When the patient needs to sit on the bed, it can be automatically realized by pressing the remote control. The backboard can be used as an ordinary bed when the backboard is laid flat; the backboard can be tilted up by the driving mechanism and slide out to one side of the bed body together with the sliding board, so that the legs can be drooped and used as a sofa for reading, reading newspapers, Activities such as eating; the entire bed body can also be raised and lowered by the lifting mechanism to meet different needs. The driving mechanism of the electric nursing bed can adopt a DC electric electric linear actuator motor.

The DC electric linear actuator motor is mainly composed of DC electric linear actuator, control box, remote control and cables and other components. The DC electric linear actuator can realize lifting, tilting and turning according to different combinations of supporting motor, lead screw, control device and travel switch function. Due to the small size design of the DC electric linear actuator; and high safety and strong thrust, easy to operate, and all the operations of the electric linear actuator of the electric nursing bed are concentrated on one remote control can operate flexibly, the application of electric linear actuator in electric nursing beds has been widely recognized.

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