Pen Type Linear Actuator E

This is mini linear actuator, because it is shaped like a tube, it is also called a mini tube linear actuator. It is characterized by its small size, light duty and low thrust. This mini pen type electric linear actuator mainly used for doors, windows, solar tracking system, medical devices, agricultural machinery, vehicles, ships, elevator platforms, lifting tables, TV lifts, robots, cabinetries, massage sofas, electric beds, medical chairs and other electrical equipment. It can open, close, push, pull, lift and descend these devices.
It can replace hydraulic and pneumatic products to save power consumption.

IP rating: IP54
Working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V
Stroke length: from 50mm to 300mm
Thrust performance: 30N~120N
Speed: from 7.5mm/s to 15mm/s