DC 12V~30V 3A Motor Direction And Speed Controller / Rocker Speed Governor (Model 0044007)

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Model: 0044007
Working Voltage: DC 12V~30V
Rated current: 3A
The maximum operating current: 6A
Speed Adjustment Range: 0%~100%
Unit Size: 75mm x 44mm x 23mm
Rocker Governor:
When the joystick is in the middle position, the motor stops.
When the joystick is moved to two different directions, the motor rotates in two different directions.
The deviation of the joystick is greater, the speed of the motor will be faster. When the joystick is moved to the end, the motor speed is the fastest.
Fine-tuning Potentiometer:
Adjust the midpoint offset of the joystick.
Connect the positive pole of DC power supply to terminal “+” of INPUT, and connect the negative pole of DC power supply to terminal “-” of INPUT.
Connect DC motor to the terminals "OUTPUT". You can exchange motor's two wires to change the rotating direction of motor.

Package Include:
1 x Rocker Speed Governor (0044007)
1 x User manual